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By Raigna OWNER - Posted Dec 9, 18

Happy December!

Welcome to the latest monthly newsletter for December, Ano (Cait) has been extremely busy lately with the birth of 11 adorable puppies that have recently joined her family so while Ano is away I (Rai) will be in charge of making sure the server is running smoothly and updates are released. Thank you for sticking with us during the past few months, we have had a lot of problems with the release of 1.13 but we're finally in a state where we can begin to look at the future and begin adding new content for you guys to enjoy.

Whats New!

  • Advent - Visit /warp advent everyday to claim fun and unique rewards over the christmas period
  • Custom Mobs - custom mobs are back, most had to be reworked for 1.13 so please report any and all bugs but we hope to begin adding more over the coming weeks and months
  • Furniture - With advent we have began giving away new cosmetic items to spruce your builds up for xmas, we will be expanding the list of available furniture options in the near future
  • Mob Arena - Still work in progress but open to all players, Fight waves of enemies to earn rewards..we plan to expand this system a lot in the near future

Whats coming!

With Mythic Mobs back we can begin to re-add dungeons and new custom mobs with new drops such as mob coins, all mobs brought over from 1.12 will need to be reworked but we hope to get everything ready as soon as possible, Mob Arenas will also be added along side dungeons for players that like to test how far they can go against waves of mobs (thanks Dark for suggesting this plugin). We will also be going through old systems that have lacked support for a long time and finally give it them the love and care they need.

With the crash and the 1.13 update behind us we can now finally begin looking to the future and begin pumping more content out for everyone to enjoy so please give us feedback and suggestions of what you guys like/dislike and would love to see added.


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