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By Anorchous OWNER - Posted Aug 17, 18

Hello August!

Welcome to Mysteria's webite and this is our monthly post. Last month.. we were so busy working on new updates that will be released soon we didn't update so apologizes. We have custom recipes releasing by next month, right in time for our Halloween update which I am super excited for because we will be releasing a lot of cool new things for our community to enjoy!

For Halloween we will be releasing a new Dungeon, Edible Candy, Contests, Relics, etc! Our update for Halloween will be out October 1st and last until November 5th. I am excited for everyone to be able to participate in our first real event of this server and anticipate that it will be a fun experience/time for everyone.

Updates currently being made OR finished:

  • We are currently finishing our new shop menu in game to have a more organized shop.
  • We are finishing up and 75% done recipes
  • Halloween Spawn is being made and will be done by October 1st
  • Going through our online shop and adding more features for everyone to be able to enjoy and currently fixing things in game and online.. UPDATE will come SOON. 
  • Adding parkour and mazes soon for everyone to enjoy and have fun.
  • Planning on adding SkyBlock within the next few months

Congrats Shadow, for becoming our newest Moderator. 

We all know you will do a great job!

Thank you everyone for your donations, votes, sweet comments, and support everyday. It keeps the server going and helps our server grow into an amazing community everyday. 


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