By Anorchous a - Posted May 3, 18

Hello and thank you for playing on Mysteria!

This is our first official news letter and it is our intention to keep everyone updated on future projects. First and foremost I want to address the rumors about custom mobs and recipes. There will be NO hostile mobs in the main world, only semi hostile (very easy to kill) and friendly mobs. So yes...we will be adding custom mobs but, not for a little while as we are trying to create dungeons for the hostile ones and focus on other items like the new crates and website.. so please don't worry much. As for custom recipes we are making some for armor, weapons, vanilla items that can't be crafted, etc...and it is in our best interest to keep everyone preoccupied and enjoy playing on this server. Another topic I would love to address is tags. All the tags will be made PUBLIC. This means soon all tags including Jupiter's "Planet" will be able to be earned with achievements, rare sets, mobs, etc. because I want everyone to be equal to each other and not seem like staff has an advantage over normal players.. so rest assured this will be implemented soon server wide. As you can also tell we're making a new website. The new website has been coming along nicely which has been made by Star (Thank you Star). We also will be cracking down on language in PUBLIC chat and immature behavior that isn't allowed on this server. We want it as friendly as possible due to kids and parents that play minecraft. Our server allows all ages and therefor we must uphold a policy on certain behaviors. Big thanks to all the donators and voters working hard to keep the server up and running! Every month there will be a Top voter which will get some rewards in game and a $5.00 coupon for shop. There's a lot to come in the future of Mysteria and I hope you all sit back and enjoy how the server shapes into it's own little community. I would also like to thank you all for being so kind, patient, and most of all caring to me as I've been dealing with some "eventful" life issues regarding my dog recently being diagnosed with Epilepsy and me being ill on and off. I am so grateful for everyone on this server and I cannot wait to see how this server continues to shape with all of our work and our lovely community that makes our server a great environment for all that play on this server (new and older).

Much love,

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