Helmet Only

Aquatic I Gives permanent water breathing
Nightvision I Gives permanent night vision
Hunger I - III Passively restores +1 hunger every few seconds
Clarity I Immune to blindness

Boots Only

Lightning Reflexes I - IV Whenever you take damage you are pushed far back
Retreat I - IV Gives speed/health boost at low hp
Springs I - III Super jump
Haste I - III Added speed when equipped
Natural Stride I - IV A chance to resist the slowness given by enemy Traps and enchantments.

All Armor

Flame Aura I - IV Chance of setting your attacker ablaze
Frost Aura I - IV Can cause slowness to attacker when defending
Shock Aura I - IV Strikes lightning on attacking players
Cactus Armor I - IV Injures your attacker but does not affect your durability
Hardened I - IV Armor takes less durability damage
Shadowstep I - IV When hit you have a chance to teleport directly behind your opponent and take them by surprise
Healing Aura I - IV Heals health over time whenever damaged
Healing Burst I - IV Can heal hearts while taking damage
Swirling Winds I - IV Prevents you from being damaged by enemy arrows more often than once every level x 400 milliseconds
Smokescreen I - IV Chance to dodge physical enemy attacks, increased chance if sneaking
Obsidian Flesh I - IV Gives permanent fire resistance
Light Armor I - IV Decreases damage from enemy bows by 2% per level (Can't Use Medium or Heavy Armor when equiped)
Medium Armor I - IV Decreases damage from enemy swords by 1.85% per level (Can't Use Light or Heavy Armor when equiped)
Heavy Armor I - IV Decreases damage from enemy axes by 1.85% per level (Can't Use Light or Medium Armor when equiped)
Miners Cloak I - IV Immune to explosive damage, at higher levels you take no knockback from them and they have a chance to heal you
Shelter I - IV Permanent increase in hearts

Sword & Axes

Insomnia I - V Gives slowness, slow swinging and confusion
Frenzy I - III A chance to give a burst of haste
Blind I - III A chance of causing blindness when attacking
Rampage I - V Damage buff when your target is at\nlow HP
Poison I - III A chance of giving poison effect
Fury I - IV Increases durability loss on your enemy''s armor
Cripple I - III Chance to give buffed slowness effect
Blood Lust I - III A chance to heal you for up to 3hp a few seconds after you strike


Weakened Shot I - IV Multiplies all Wither and Poison damage the affected target recieves and has a chance to remove regeneration effects on hit
Crippled Shot I - IV Chance to slow and fatigue enemies with projectiles
Venom Shot I - III A chance of dealing poison
Point Blank Shot I - V Chance to knockback melee attackers by a couple of blocks when they hit you. The lower your health, the higher the chance to proc
Blood Shot I - V Chance to steal health from opponent
Marksman I - IV Increases damage dealt with bows
Piercing Arrows I - V Chance to deal 1-4 durability damage to ALL armor pieces of enemy player
Longbow I - IV Greatly increases damage dealt to enemy players that have\na bow in their hands
Concussion Shot I - V Chance to Unfocus target player, reducing their out going bow damage by 50% for up to 10 seconds
Eagle Eye I - V Headshots with projectile deal up to 3.5x damage


Obsidian Destroyer I - V Chance to instantly break obsidian blocks
Detonate I - V Chance to break in 3x3 area
Auto Smelt I - III Ores are automatically smelted when mined

All Tools

Expertise I - V Chance to get experience from mining
Vacuum I - IV Automatically places blocks broken by tools in your inventory

All Armor, Weapons and Tools

Reforged I - III Regenerates durability