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So, before I leave the server I would like to file an offical report. Dark's handling of a situation started by outright accusing me of trolling. I was correcting wyyy's statement that aloe was sweet, which it isnt, its bitter. I got into a bit of a spat with them and instead of dark telling us to break it up, he accused me of trolling. When I pointed out that I wasnt trolling, he encouraged wyyy to ignore me. That is clearly taking a side in an issue he should be netural in. When I pointed out that he himself had a habbit of breaking rules (He encouraged TheUniTurtle to speak spanish by speaking a foreign language in chat), he once again accused me of trolling. When I asked him to explain himself then, he called me a "chat nazi" (screenshots below). Now I dont know about you, but quite literally calling someone a Nazi is a pretty big thing to say. Not even a grammar nazi, which is a thing, but a straight up "chat nazi". When I asked him why he was allowed to call me a nazi, he refused to explain himself and started punishing me. Till this point he did not explain calling me a nazi, and then he released a paragraph insult before he kicked me from discord. This is my official report, and if this is how a servers staff handle's themselves its no server I wish to be a part of.
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Posted Feb 2, 19 · OP
I admit my patience was not there that night due to pc and other issues. I had no idea that was going to set anyone off, i was merely trying to state that super strict adherence to some of the less important rules (rules that if broken don't hurt anyone) wasn't benefiting anyone and I was unsure what bringing up that i said some spanish words in chat and broke the rules was going to accomplish. Anyways was not one of my better days period lol. I would just like kiddo to do his best to try and understand how sometimes he can make others feel even thou i know it may be one of the more difficult things with his condition. He is absolutely valuable probably due to his conditions also because the same thing that drives his adherence to the rules also drives him when looking for bugs and he is proficient in ways others may never be. So in conclusion I do believe he is an asset in so many ways. In conclusion, hope you stay kiddo just try your best not to pick at aka troll people too much because some can handle a lot better than others and i dont want any player or players to be pushed away including you. Aslo i thought you saved those for blackmail later like you do rai XDD.
Posted Feb 9, 19
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