Rule 1 - No exploiting, cheating, hacking, or glitching

No cheating of any kind will be allowed on the server. This includes any hacked clients such as x-ray or click aimbot, texture packs that have x-ray, as well as macros that give players an unfair advantage.
Do not abuse any bugs, exploit the server’s features or duplicate items for personal gain in any way or form. Abuse of this kind may result in a balance reset and ban.
Usage of VPNs will result in an permanent ban.
Usage of chests/furnaces or other containers lockable with LWC around others bases will result in a tempban.

Rule 2 - No advertising
Do not mention, or attempt to bypass mentioning, the name of any server other then Mysteria.
Do not try to bring other players to a different Minecraft server in any way.

Rule 3 - No AFK pools or complete auto-farms

Do not construct ways to bypass the server’s AFK kicker.
If you build a Semi auto-farm it MUST be turned OFF when you LEAVE the game OR area. Do not let it run. It will result in the removal of your farm completely and may result in a tempban.
Do not make anything for the sole purpose of making the server lag by using extreme sizes of redstone.

Rule 4 - No spamming or causing drama
Do not spam in any chat channel on discord OR ingame. Repeating the same or similar messages multiple times, is considered distracting and is NOT allowed.
Do not spam caps. We will remove repeated abusers caps access.
Keep the chat appropriate and do not bypass our filter with profanity or immature behavior.
Do not spam items for sale in chat over and over again. You may advertise your items every 5 minutes in chat.
Do not beg other players to give you money, buy you things, or donate for you.
Only communicate using English in the global chat, though the use of other languages is allowed in private chat.
Politics, religion, or other controversial topics are not allowed.
Do not start personal arguments or create intentional drama between players. The staff has the right to mute or ban those who are being toxic.
Do not troll other players.
Do not use an inappropriate/offensive, usernames, skins, or nicknames. Those who join the server with an offensive username will be banned until they change it to something appropriate. You can appeal on the website. You also cannot create inappropriate builds or signs. This is a family friendly server.
Do no scam others with anything. This is NOT tolerated OR allowed.

Rule 5 - No griefing or raiding
Do not break or place blocks not set by you. You must also have permission from the owner.
Do not kill another player’s mobs.
Do not steal items from others. If a player drops an item by accident and you pick it up, you must return the item.
The stealing and ruining others builds in a area that is NOT claimed is NOT LEGAL.

Rule 6 - Players
Do not disrespect or harass any player or staff member. We do not tolerate this behavior! Our communtiy should be kept a safe environment for everyone. Message a staff member if you are being harassed, or report the player on the website.
Do not threaten the server or other players in ANY WAY.
Do not share someones private information on the server.
Do not talk about self harm on the server in game or on discord. If you are feeling suicidal or feel like harming yourself please contact a helpline in your country. We value your mental health and saftey above anything else. You can contact a staff member to help you find the number to get help. Please remember, you are loved and cared for.

Rule 7 - No wrongful killing
Do not kill another player unless in a PVP zone.
Do not create a “death trap”, or anything designed to kill another player.
Do not use /fly during player-versus-player combat in our pvp zones.. this includes anything that creates a personl gain. Fair fighting ONLY.

Rule 8 - No abusing donator/member perks
Do not impersonate a staff member or another player using /nick or /prefix.
Do not chargeback donations sent to the server in any way. This will result in a PERM ban/IP ban and could result in a police investigation for fraud.
Do not attempt to transfer in-game items for a real-life currency.

Rule 9 - Claims
Do not claim a chunk of land within 100 blocks of another claim.
Do not remain on someone else’s claim if they have asked you to leave.
Players who have been inactive for 60 days, may have their locked items such as chests and furnaces removed by a Owner ONLY.

Rule 10 - Respect punishment decisions
Do not evade punishments in any shape or form.
Do not argue with a staff member’s decision. If you feel a staff member is abusing their power, please private message either Raigna or Anorchous on the forums or discord.
Those who are punished for breaking rules a total of 10 times will be perm. banned. You can appeal depending on the situation.

Thank you for reading the rules and making sure you are making MysteriaCraft a better enviroment by following the rules of our community. Our rules will update time to time so always check back here when new rules come out. If you're unsure about something not being allowed, always check with a staff member.