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Raigna posted Dec 9, 18

Happy December!

Welcome to the latest monthly newsletter for December, Ano (Cait) has been extremely busy lately with the birth of 11 adorable puppies that have recently joined her family so while Ano is away I (Rai) will be in charge of making sure the server is running smoothly and updates are released. Thank you for sticking with us during the past few months, we have had a lot of problems with the release of 1.13 but we're finally in a state where we can begin to look at the future and begin adding new content for you guys to enjoy.

Whats New!

  • Advent - Visit /warp advent everyday to claim fun and unique rewards over the christmas period
  • Custom Mobs - custom mobs are back, most had to be reworked for 1.13 so please report any and all bugs but we hope to begin adding more over the coming weeks and months
  • Furniture - With advent we have began giving away new cosmetic items to spruce your builds up for xmas, we will be expanding the list of available furniture options in the near future
  • Mob Arena - Still work in progress but open to all players, Fight waves of enemies to earn rewards..we plan to expand this system a lot in the near future

Whats coming!

With Mythic Mobs back we can begin to re-add dungeons and new custom mobs with new drops such as mob coins, all mobs brought over from 1.12 will need to be reworked but we hope to get everything ready as soon as possible, Mob Arenas will also be added along side dungeons for players that like to test how far they can go against waves of mobs (thanks Dark for suggesting this plugin). We will also be going through old systems that have lacked support for a long time and finally give it them the love and care they need.

With the crash and the 1.13 update behind us we can now finally begin looking to the future and begin pumping more content out for everyone to enjoy so please give us feedback and suggestions of what you guys like/dislike and would love to see added.



Anorchous tag posted Nov 6, 18

Welcome November!

Apologizes in advance for not updating, we have been SUPER busy with everything that has happened - and we are trying to get the server back to it's prime. I want to thank you all for being patient, kind, and amazing during the past few months. We love you guys so much and you make Mysteria an amazing community!

So what's new for this month?

  • We welcomed 1.13.2 with avengence and we are now settled (hopefully) into our new server!
  • We added NPCS at the survival spawn to make your experience so much better!
  • A new survival spawn that makes your adventure fun!
  • New crates 
  • New ways to uptain better relics and keys

What is yet to come?

  • We are going to be adding our Christmas update by December 1st to make sure all of you get some gifts, new mobs, and new fun events. We want to make sure you all enjoy the upcoming holiday season with some fun events and joy! We will be hosting a building contest and a art contest for Christmas! This is to be announced this upcoming week. 

Top Voter & Donator:

Our top voter rank will be restarted the end of this month. Top voter will get 10% store coupon, $100,000 in game, and a special tag announcing that they were top voter for the month. The tag will expire when the month is up. 

Top Donator of the month will recieve 10% store coupong and a special tag announcing that they were the top supporter of the month for our server.

Looking for:

We are currently looking for some fun cosmetics plugins that will amp up your experience. If you have a suggestions please hit us up on the suggestion channel on our discord which you can find a tab for on our website or in game.

Thank you for being an amazing supporter of our community, we value all of you!


Foxmore tag
Foxmore @ Survival
Thank you for being our fearless leader... and for all the hard work you, Rai and Star do for the server....


Anorchous tag posted Aug 17, 18

Hello August!

Welcome to Mysteria's webite and this is our monthly post. Last month.. we were so busy working on new updates that will be released soon we didn't update so apologizes. We have custom recipes releasing by next month, right in time for our Halloween update which I am super excited for because we will be releasing a lot of cool new things for our community to enjoy!

For Halloween we will be releasing a new Dungeon, Edible Candy, Contests, Relics, etc! Our update for Halloween will be out October 1st and last until November 5th. I am excited for everyone to be able to participate in our first real event of this server and anticipate that it will be a fun experience/time for everyone.

Updates currently being made OR finished:

  • We are currently finishing our new shop menu in game to have a more organized shop.
  • We are finishing up and 75% done recipes
  • Halloween Spawn is being made and will be done by October 1st
  • Going through our online shop and adding more features for everyone to be able to enjoy and currently fixing things in game and online.. UPDATE will come SOON. 
  • Adding parkour and mazes soon for everyone to enjoy and have fun.
  • Planning on adding SkyBlock within the next few months

Congrats Shadow, for becoming our newest Moderator. 

We all know you will do a great job!

Thank you everyone for your donations, votes, sweet comments, and support everyday. It keeps the server going and helps our server grow into an amazing community everyday. 


June 4th, 2018

Anorchous tag posted Jun 4, 18

Happy June!

June is finally here, do you know what that means... Summer break is finally here (for most of you)!

Happy Pride Month!

Summer break will be bringing a lot of exciting things for us here at Mysteria. We're in the middle process of making recipes which I plan to release some recipes within the next few weeks to come. We're also making dungeons and have made some progress. We're in the middle of making new ranks and adding new exciting things for EVERYONE to enjoy! We plan making the server better in all ways so it can be an enjoyable playing experience. If you have ANY suggestions for any custom item like swords, guns, armor, etc. EVEN mobs please drop it in our suggestion channel on discord.. We'd apperciate any recommendations from anyone! 

As most of you know, I am taking a break from the server (Ano/Cait) because I need to find my balance with a lot of things so Mark (Raigna) will be in charge of everything for a little while. Jupiters & Mads will be second in power for everyone Admin rank and below. I trust that all of you will be great players while I am gone and I hope everyone enjoys the next few weeks.

Much love,


nromeo2 username kafleader1114 team mate CatherineDeath way point x 1275 y68 z-4019
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